Below Average Health Care Facilities That Are Producing Healthiness Destruction Of Poor Men And Women Of Pakistan

Health sector in Pakistan has been struggling for several years. Health delivery technique is run by both state and even non-state authorities. People living in urban areas have an easy usage of best health care facilities whereas, in rural regions, accessibility to proper medical services is difficult. People either are living far away from the clinics/hospitals or maybe they don't have such an institutes in their areas. In this situation, Saad raja started health awareness system.

In Pakistan, many hard work have been built to improve the health system but still it is not encouraging. Bad medical facilities are resulting in health deterioration of underprivileged human beings of Pakistan. Due to the shortage of nurses and doctors for rural areas, every year many kids die out during delivery or if they survive, they suffer from one or two diseases. The rising number of heart patients usually including young children suffering from congenital heart defect is alarming. The mortality rate of women is also high because they are treated by midwives with no high quality knowledge. In-spite of this, Saad raja is aiming to provide these kinds of facilities in rural areas.

Saad raja addressed about Pakistan's population

Pakistan's human population is around 185 million out of which above 70 million people are existing below the poverty line. Around 78% of the population is paying for health expenditures out of their pockets which is feasible for upper or middle class but also for the lower class, it's a separate story. With the income of merely 5000 to 6000 rupees a month, they have to pay for the food, bills, transportation and also for the fees in case their children are analyzing. On top of that, if any of the family members gets sick, they really are left with less or not a single money to treat them.

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