The First Thing To Do Is Actually Place The Lights In The Positions You Have Chosen For Them To Go

Would you like to create a more welcoming environment in your garden this coming summer? If you would then the setting up of a good quality garden garden LED flood light system might be the ideal solution. Of course you can pay for somebody to do this work for you. However it is pretty easy to do it yourself by simply following the steps offered below.

Step 1 - Begin by drawing up a basic plan of where in your backyard you would like the floodlights to be situated. Then beside these mark down what watt the bulbs will need to be next.

Step 2 - Now you have to determine what size transformers are needed. To do this is very simple all you need to do is add up the total amount of watt for the bulbs you will be making use of then multiply this figure by 1.3. So if for instance the total wattage of each of the bulbs you will make use of was 20 watts and you were likely to be installing 6 of them then the size of transformers needed after multiplying the 120 watts by 1.3 will be 156.

Step 3 - Next you need to figure out how much lighting cable is needed. To make sure that you have sufficient cable measure the distance between each and every lamp and then add all these figures together and then times by 1.3. It is best if you utilize 12 gauge cable for the setting up of an LED flood light system in your backyard. However if the distance between each lighting in the system is quite long or you choose to use higher wattage bulbs in them then it is essential that you use much thicker gauge wire. Would recommend that you use either 10/2 or 8/2 cable in these situations.

Step 4 - After buying all the required items including any tools you may need especially wire cutters or strippers, screw drivers, drills, screws and pliers you can begin to install the LED flood light System in your garden. The first thing to do is basically place the lights in the positions you have chosen for them to go. Remember to make sure that they are in positions that they are going to do the most good, whether it is to help illuminate a particular part of the garden or to help produce a special effect.

Step 5 - After you have place the lights in position you should now start to run the cable from the transformer to them. It is best if you create separate cable runs for each light from the transformer instead of just connect one light to the next. This way if anything goes wrong finding the trouble is a lot easier. It is best also to make sure that you run cables to lights that are of a similar distance from the transformer grouped together. Not only will this help to reduce any drop in voltage but additionally any loss of brightness produced by the lamps.

Step 6 - As soon as the garden LED flood light system has been connected to the transformers plug this into a GIF outlet and turn the lights on. Spend time checking them to check they are all providing a good amount of illumination. When satisfied install the transformers and bury the cables.

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